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Cutting edge RPO; med-tech; aviation; engineering; technology; plant-based food manufacturing; life sciences et al…. it’s a quirky mixed bag admittedly, but the Matt Burton Group of businesses share a number of common threads of DNA.

About MB Group

About us

It goes without saying that we have the sharpest minds within our leadership community, but we have a shared culture of high achievement, an unyielding desire to deliver our client-centric promises and a shared vision to create a genuinely different group of aspirational, growth focussed and ultimately valuable businesses that also do something relatively unique…


We talk to each other; we share ideas; we share knowledge and insight and ultimately see ourselves as one team, united with a common purpose. To disrupt, deliver and define our journey through innovation.

About us

MB Group Strategy

Matt Burton Group has a 3 pillar growth strategy and ultimately a £10m EBITDA target for 2024, centred around the organic growth plans in our current, high-performing, brands; an innovative approach to niche sector JV’s that leads ultimately to demonstrable personal wealth creation opportunities for the JV partner; and a focused M&A strategy which is underpinned by a significant cultural alignment and confidence in the leadership of our acquired brands.

MB Group Timeline


Matt Burton Group Launches with Matt Burton Associates as the trading entity


50% of the equity of MBG is bought by PE firm Hamilton Bradshaw


MBG acquires Exsurgo


Matt Burton purchases 5% of the equity of SF Group and Ignata


Matt Burton Group acquires Vida Connected Specialists


MBG acquires a significant stake in Irlam Associates, founded by Will Irlam


MBG launches Austin-Frye, a JV between Charlie Brown and VIDA Connected Specialists


MBG launches Bergis Global, a JV between Bilal Ahmed and VIDA Connected Specialists


In partnership with a large venture capitalist MBG initiates our first bespoke recruitment service for start-ups and scale-ups

Matt Burton CEO

An Oxford University graduate in Classics, Matt has spent the last 25 years building and running successful recruitment businesses. Matt established MBA in 2006 as a free-thinking technology-enabled RPO business, scaling it to a multi-million-pound enterprise value, which was partly acquired by the Hamilton Bradshaw private equity house in 2014 and is supported by an advisory board that is totally focussed on innovative recruitment solutions.


With a keen eye for commercial opportunities and a ‘whatever it takes’ mentality, Matt has a gift for building innovative and strategic talent solutions that drive real and profitable results. Passionately client-centric, he is the ambassador for our portfolio brand and values and a significant thought leader. His role as chair is to drive the group growth strategy with an eye on a £10m Ebitda line by 2025.